Superkaramba vs gkrellm

I’ve been using gkrellm since several years – with WindowMaker, KDE, whatever desktop environment. Considering old venerable it is, clearly, gkrellm does not really fit with nowadays eye-candy. So its tempting to give whatever may be available a try.

As I run KDE, Superkaramba it must be.

Well, I tried it a year ago already: it was full of transparencies effects, composite-whatever-2.0, but it was also clumsy, bloated, and definitely prone to segfault.

I gave it another try today.

Well, I took some time to browse KDE apps for nice Superkaramba widget. Not easy to pick, I must say.

I went for EasyMonitor, mainly because it is modular and easy to tune.

So far, no segfault. And it does not seems to consume too much CPU resources – that always the issue to keep in mind, the damn thing is supposed to help checking resources usage, not to burn half of them.gkrellm and superkaramba (with EasyMonitor)

Finally, I customized several files to fit my expectations and limit resources consumption. Here they are: EasyMonitor_Filesystem.theme, EasyMonitor_Memory.theme, EasyMonitor_Network_Interface_eth0.theme, EasyMonitor_Procesor_multi.theme, EasyMonitor_Top.theme. All these files should be put where EasyMonitor is installed, ~/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/ in my case.