Converting video files to H.265/HEVC, no washed out colors and all streams mapped, with ffmpeg

I had a few 1080p video files using AV1 codec. Not sure why, if it is a player issue or hardware issue, nonetheless, my (slightly aging) laptop was having a hard time playing these while playing with no effort at all H.265/HEVC 2160p videos. The following command converts all mkv files in a folder to H.265/HEVC, not washing out colors and keep all streams:

for av in *.mkv; do ffmpeg -i "$av" -c:v libx265 -color_trc smpte2084 -color_primaries bt2020 -crf 22 -map 0 -map_metadata 0 -map_chapters 0 -c:a copy -c:s copy "${av%.*}"-x265.mkv ; done

In my case, it results in slightly larger files but, and that was the point, these play on the laptop with no noticeable CPU-usage:

1,2G 'XX1 AV1 Opus [AV1D].mkv'
1,1G 'XX1 AV1 Opus [AV1D]-x265.mkv'
830M 'XX2 AV1 Opus [AV1D].mkv'
951M 'XX2 AV1 Opus [AV1D]-x265.mkv'

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