Testing Roccat Kain mouse failure with xev

I’m using Roccat mouse since a while. Confortable to hold, precise enough, I was quite satisfied. Except they dont live so long. One had a left button failure. Another one, new, died instantly after a small drop of coffee. I drop a lot of coffee on such devices, it is the first time I managed to instakill a mouse like this. Nonetheless, I bought even more of them, ROCCAT Kain 122, two at once.

One mouse mousewheel was behaving obviously erratically: scrolling down was inconsistent. Running xev is enough to catch the issue. You’ll find out that “button 4” is the action activated for mousewheel going up (with a specific serial that is irrelevant here, “button 5” going down). So it is enough to run:

xev | grep "button 4"

and to turn the mousewheel down to notice a few erratic “button 4” pressed pop-in up.

Worse, it did so too with the second mouse for which the bug was not obvious. Even worse, it looks like this hardware issue exists at least since a year. So, to sum up, they still ship a buggy series of mouses, bug you might not immediately notice. Despite their other good points, I’ll avoid this brand for now.

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