Minimalistic BitTorrent client over NFS/Samba: with Transmission 2.x

I previously released a script to use transmission (BitTorrent client) over NFS/Samba.

This script was written for transmission 1.x. I updated to use transmission 2.x. It’s a hack more than anything else, it’s just a wrapper for transmission-remote, the official RPC client.

It works as before. You put $file.torrent in a watchdir, the script runs (cronjob) and create $file.trs (containing infos about the download) and starts the download. Rename it $file.trs- to pause it, remove the $file.trs to stop it. When the download is finished, you get a mail (if cron is properly set up).

Due to progress made by transmission devs, the install process is even simpler.

1) Set up watch and download dirs as before.

2) Install/Upgrade to transmission 2.x (packages cli and daemon).

3) [this make senses only if you used the previous version] Debian now starts transmission with the debian-transmission user. Trying to keep using torrent cause the init script to fail and, in the long run it’s anyway best to use the user debian maintainers provides. To easily switch to this new user, I removed the new debian-transmission entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/group and then replaced torrent by debian-transmission (except /home path obviously) in both these files (also updated /etc/cron.d/torrent/). Finally I ran chown debian-transmission.debian-transmission /var/lib/transmission-daemon /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json.

4) Update transmission-daemon config. Make sure the daemon is down before, otherwise your changes won’t stay. So edit /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json. I changed:

"blocklist-enabled": true,
"download-dir": "/home/torrent/download",
"message-level": 0,
"peer-port-random-on-start": true,
"port-forwarding-enabled": true,
"rpc-authentication-required": false,

5) Install the script, test it:

cd /usr/local/bin
chmod a+x
su debian-transmission
cat status

6) Set up cronjob and log rotation:

* * * * * debian-transmission cd ~/watch && /usr/local/bin/


/home/torrent/watch/log {
rotate 2

Then you should be fine 🙂